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All journals may now commence as normal.
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Private to Hogwarts Staff, and Lupin

Our children are perverts, and we must stop them.
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Mr Bletchley, Mr Nott, please come to my office.
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Private to Hogwarts Staff Private to Hogwarts Staff. AND LUPIN.

Yes. Misters Crabbe and Goyle are indeed more intelligent. There were potatoes involved.
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Draco, please come to my office.

We have an important matter to discuss.
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Seventh years—

I expect a four foot essay, due Monday, on the creation of dark arts spells and what separates them from the creation of other spells in regards to nature and intent.

Sixth years—

Read Chapter 6, on dementors and their effects, with emphasis on their interaction with the Patronus Charm and why it's an effective deterrent.

Fifth years—

Focus on the defensive spells I gave you in your syllabus at the beginning of the year. You will be tested on Monday for accuracy and strength.

Fourth years—

Read Chapter 3, and expect to answer questions about the ethics of the Dark Arts and when you might be permitted to cast an illegal spell in defense.

Third years—

Write two foot essay on Vampires, and how to spot their characteristics.

Second years—

Write a foot-long essay on Kappas and their hunting grounds.

First years—

Memorize the spells and their effects as listed in Chapter 4. There will be a quiz.

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