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Private to Hogwarts Staff, and Lupin

Our children are perverts, and we must stop them.
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I beg your pardon, Severus?
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I don't know what you mean. My Hufflepuffs have always been perfectly well behaved.
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That would depend on your definition of 'precocious'.
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I appreciate your desire for discretion, Severus, but if you want candid responses I'm afraid you'll need to elucidate.
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Aha. No, I have not encountered that type of behaviour amongst my Gryffindors. Thankfully.

How are you handling them?
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Expulsion was my first thought, but your method has merit. How often do you find your Slytherins in compromising situations?
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One occasionally sees things one would rather not see, but rarely, and nothing too traumatising.
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What do you propose?
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Not an altogether unappealing idea, but it wouldn't take long before we'd be out of a job.
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Amusing though Severus's suggested sterilisation is, it would certainly be worthwhile discussing other ideas.

Would the heads of house be willing to address their students with relevant facts and advice?
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I was thinking more of a group setting than the incidental private conversations that are occasionally necessary.
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[personal profile] filius_flitwick 2011-03-09 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
I have spoken with students one-on-one from time to time when it's come up, but I think I would be uncomfortable doing so in an official capacity.
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If necessary I could do so. But I would strongly prefer not to. I don't suppose we could have Poppy do it?
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As if I don't have more than enough to do already.
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We appreciate that, Poppy.
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I wonder if a regular classroom environment might be preferable. Teaching each house separately is probably wise, though.
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How amusing.
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What age range would be taking this course? Six and seventh years?
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Another good question. Ideas?
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I might suggest expanding the range some. Earlier is better, I'd think. Third years and up?
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I think third year is far too young. At least fourth year and above.
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A more normal class setting might make the experience less uncomfortable than a lecture. I can see the benefit there, Remus, but the problem becomes finding someone to teach a new class.
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I'm sure you can find someone qualified. Maybe Dolores Umbridge is available.
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Oh my goodness, no! She would have them write 'Abstinence' with that awful pen of hers, and that just wouldn't do at all.
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I'd be interested to see how Lockhart would handle the matter.
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I will certainly speak to my Hufflepuffs, Albus. I just hope I can be delicate enough to mention it without disturbing them.
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I'm sure you would be perfectly tactful if you take on the task.