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Private to Hogwarts Staff Private to Hogwarts Staff. AND LUPIN.

Yes. Misters Crabbe and Goyle are indeed more intelligent. There were potatoes involved.
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Goyle, especially, has become a different student entirely. I believe he could sit the OWL right now and come out with a solid E.

I'm hesitant to ask, but--potatoes?
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I see. How long can we expect the change to last?
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[personal profile] filius_flitwick 2011-03-04 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
It's a remarkable change. They've started volunteering answers in class!
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It's astounding! Greg actually asked some extra questions outside of class! Vince has grown continuously more confident in his coursework, as well.
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I don't suppose you know of any Peruvian magical potatoes?
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Peruvian potatoes in and of themselves wouldn't necessarily cause an increase in intelligence to this degree. It's possible that they might have been charmed, but I would have to do some research.
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If you could, that would be very helpful.

Filius, do you know of any charms that could be responsible?
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There have been countless attempts at a real intelligence-increasing charm, but few have any results to speak of. The change in Vincent and Gregory is enormous; I highly doubt any charm is solely responsible.

I'd say most likely it's some combination of the plant itself, charmwork, and a clever potion. Maybe their age is playing a role, too; it's possible a potion might grow stronger with time, of course.

I hate to mention it, but there's also the possibility that there's some dark magic at work--I'm wary of anything that causes such a quick and powerful benefit as this. Severus, any knowledge of pre-Columbian dark magic?
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Very well--would you grant him access to this conversation?
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There is strong evidence to support the idea. It's known that the Incas participated in ritual human sacrifice, and in most cultures that did so, there is a strong presence of dark magic.

I don't know anything specific about Peruvian intelligence spells, obviously, but it's certainly possible. And we do know that the Incas developed some highly sophisticated agricultrual and architectural techniques--those developments could have been aided by magically-enhanced intelligence.

There were many pre-Incan civilizations, as well, which I'm not as familiar with. I'll do some research, but I can't imagine Draco Malfoy would have much access to ancient and obscure dark magical artifacts in the Andes, especially if he was there with the Zabinis. I think Filius's first idea is probably closer to the mark.
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You'll find it at the beginning of my second paragraph. "I don't know."

As I mentioned, though, the evidence for dark magic in pre-Columbian Peru is strong, which I thought was relevant.
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This explains a lot about your teaching methods.
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Please, no more changes. You've done enough already.
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Boys, come now. Stop fighting.
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Excellent idea. Maybe Horace will follow the recipe and not muck anything up.
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Right. So you added things to the potion and now we can't step 20 metres away from each other, but you obviously didn't muck anything up. Of course.
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Oh, in that case, I take it back. If you don't know why it happened, then it clearly didn't.
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It feels good to have a purpose in life.
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Brilliant. Now we'll be angry and in pain.
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Boys, I'm on my way over. I'm going to make some adjustments to your rooms so you don't have to interact quite so much.
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Hurry before he brews another potion.
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Alone and without pain is a better option. I'll be there in a moment.
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Crabbe and Goyle are smart now?
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Private to Professor Snape

Blimey. They're smart and they're not happy. Have you talked to them?
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Private to Professor Snape

Let me know if there's anything I can do.
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Private to Professor Snape

I can do that.
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Yes, dear. They appear to have become quite clever.
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Thanks, Professor Sprout. I hadn't noticed.
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Please call me Pomona, dear boy. We work together now.
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Oh, erm. Thanks, Pomona. I'll try to remember that.
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You're more than welcome, Chris.