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Private to Hogwarts Staff, and Lupin

Our children are perverts, and we must stop them.
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I beg your pardon, Severus?
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I don't know what you mean. My Hufflepuffs have always been perfectly well behaved.
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That would depend on your definition of 'precocious'.
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I appreciate your desire for discretion, Severus, but if you want candid responses I'm afraid you'll need to elucidate.
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Aha. No, I have not encountered that type of behaviour amongst my Gryffindors. Thankfully.

How are you handling them?
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Expulsion was my first thought, but your method has merit. How often do you find your Slytherins in compromising situations?
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One occasionally sees things one would rather not see, but rarely, and nothing too traumatising.