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Private to Hogwarts Staff Private to Hogwarts Staff. AND LUPIN.

Yes. Misters Crabbe and Goyle are indeed more intelligent. There were potatoes involved.
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You'll find it at the beginning of my second paragraph. "I don't know."

As I mentioned, though, the evidence for dark magic in pre-Columbian Peru is strong, which I thought was relevant.
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This explains a lot about your teaching methods.
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Please, no more changes. You've done enough already.
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Boys, come now. Stop fighting.
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Excellent idea. Maybe Horace will follow the recipe and not muck anything up.
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Right. So you added things to the potion and now we can't step 20 metres away from each other, but you obviously didn't muck anything up. Of course.
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Oh, in that case, I take it back. If you don't know why it happened, then it clearly didn't.
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It feels good to have a purpose in life.
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Brilliant. Now we'll be angry and in pain.
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Boys, I'm on my way over. I'm going to make some adjustments to your rooms so you don't have to interact quite so much.
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Hurry before he brews another potion.
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Alone and without pain is a better option. I'll be there in a moment.