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R.J. Lupin ([personal profile] remus_lupin) wrote in [personal profile] blood_traitor 2011-03-05 12:41 am (UTC)

There is strong evidence to support the idea. It's known that the Incas participated in ritual human sacrifice, and in most cultures that did so, there is a strong presence of dark magic.

I don't know anything specific about Peruvian intelligence spells, obviously, but it's certainly possible. And we do know that the Incas developed some highly sophisticated agricultrual and architectural techniques--those developments could have been aided by magically-enhanced intelligence.

There were many pre-Incan civilizations, as well, which I'm not as familiar with. I'll do some research, but I can't imagine Draco Malfoy would have much access to ancient and obscure dark magical artifacts in the Andes, especially if he was there with the Zabinis. I think Filius's first idea is probably closer to the mark.

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