filius_flitwick: (Ravenclaw)
Professor Filius Flitwick ([personal profile] filius_flitwick) wrote in [personal profile] blood_traitor 2011-03-04 11:52 pm (UTC)

There have been countless attempts at a real intelligence-increasing charm, but few have any results to speak of. The change in Vincent and Gregory is enormous; I highly doubt any charm is solely responsible.

I'd say most likely it's some combination of the plant itself, charmwork, and a clever potion. Maybe their age is playing a role, too; it's possible a potion might grow stronger with time, of course.

I hate to mention it, but there's also the possibility that there's some dark magic at work--I'm wary of anything that causes such a quick and powerful benefit as this. Severus, any knowledge of pre-Columbian dark magic?

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